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Grand Hotel Billia

Casinò de la Valleè
Saint Vincent

Built all fixed and movable furnishings, boiserie, and auditorium in both hotels

Project: Studio Lissoni Associati
Execution: PAOLO CASTELLI S.p.A., Bologna

Project Area: 5.500 MQ (Grand Hotel Billia and Parc Hotel Billia)
Years: 2012-2013

The Casinò de La Vallee has major historical value for the surrounding region. Besides the casino, the building includes the historical Grand Hotel Billia resort, with its Belle Epoque façade. Founded in 1908, the hotel underwent massive restyling in 2012, the year in which the Grand Hotel was included in the Parc Hotel Billia complex. The priorities of the project were to create a prestigious structure that was integrated into the mountainous panorama while using the traditional materials of the area–wood and stone–following artisan craftsmanship whenever possible while leveraging sophisticated technology and integrating the rich aesthetic that the project demanded. In 2013 was completed the Grand Hotel Billia, a 5-star resort whose Paolo Castelli S.p.A. realized custum made furnishing, doors and boiserie for 75 guest rooms, common areas including 2 restaurantes, bar and lounge bar, spa. We are especially proud of the large, 600-seat auditorium that we completely designed and built, with its sophisticated and detailed ceiling constructed in curved wooden sheets that give the impression wooden waves. It is a veritable masterpiece of applied engineering. 

Challenge: To create a prestigious hotel structure that is integrated into the mountainous panorama, using the traditional materials of the area – wood and stone – following artisan craftsmanship whenever possible, while leveraging sophisticated technology and integrating the rich aesthetic that the project demanded.

Materials: Level-saw, hand worked oak, waxed sheet metal; back-laminated, mirrored, etched glass; natural teak; led lighting; fireproof fabrics, Carrara marble.