5 July 2019

Talk with Marc Lavit Paolo Castelli Showroom Paris 22 May 2019

“L’universalité du trait” inaugurated a series of events conceived and organised to transform the exhibition space in Rue de Turenne 123 into a conference venue, a place to learn, discuss and exchange notes about relations between aesthetics, well-being and new lifestyle trends with installations, site-specific events, guests and renowned experts.
On Wednesday, 22nd May, the first guest was architect and designer Marco Lavit (born in 1986), Rising talent 2018 for Maison et Objet.

He defines himself an architect with a passion for design in his leisure time. In fact, his creations are micro-architectures, spaces on a human scale, immersed in nature. It is no mere chance that his latest creations include eco-lodges, actual tree houses that delete the distance between man, house and nature.

The choice of the name Atelier Lavit clearly expresses his approach to design, which is not just a project but also and especially art, craftsmanship, fashion, photography and architecture. The secret of his success lies in his multidisciplinary attitude, and also in the (numberless) partnerships established almost spontaneously with colleagues and artist friends.

“We are increasingly seeking contact with nature and, at the same time, we refuse to renounce comfort. This is why I am studying innovative and unusual living systems immersed in uncontaminated landscapes. Floating huts suspended on pilotis as if they were stilts, either underground or on trees, resembling the refuge every child dreams of building. Considering their dimension, these projects are often pictured as an enveloping safe nest that projects us into nature, while also protecting us.”