5 July 2019

Olfactory sampling Paolo Castelli Showroom Milan 26 June 2019

Victor Hugo wrote that “Nothing evokes a memory like an odour”. We could add that, through the sense of smell, the world penetrates into our head, cheekily, at times taking us unawares, triggering sudden emotional déjà vu experiences.

Hence, Paolo Castelli S.p.A. invited three Maître Parfumeur from Carbaline, the historical artisanal workshop in Verona, to visit its mono-brand space in Brera, Milan, on Wednesday, 26th June. They explained the secrets of essences in the process of creating places, besides presenting CODE 2019, the first selection of four indoor fragrances specially studied to interpret “the dream of contemporary living” that distinguishes the new collection recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.

During the event, guests participated in a journey into the world of fragrances. The concept of olfactory memory was introduced, explaining the extraordinary potential interaction between the construction of a perfume and the interior design project.

Concerning the sense of smell and perfumes, we invariably speak of how we organise, design and experience our living environments. This subtle and ethereal play of architecture and perfume is winning interest and importance today, more than ever before. Studies and research are increasing along with the growing number of dedicated applications defined to prepare a custom-designed olfactory atmosphere for each place, seeking an overall synaesthesia that harmonises all senses in the right form.

We can and we should consider perfumes and odours concrete ingredients of space, and thus use smell as a project and design tool for architecture.