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2 Settembre 2019

27-28-29 September

Headquarters Paolo Castelli S.p.A. Via I Maggio, 93 Ozzano dell’Emilia

Following the success met by the first edition held in 2018 and concurrently with the Bologna Design Week 2019, the Emilia-based company is organising a special show of furnishings and objects from exhibitions, film and photographic sets, special productions, prototypes and unique pieces. The event will be held at the Ozzano dell’Emilia headquarters on 27-29 September.

Actual “cabinets of curiosities”, aka wunderkammer, will be fitted out at the corporate headquarters, where visitors will be embraced by masterly crafted objects, art and dreams, becoming the protagonists of a passionate research into the “beauty and perfect craftsmanship” of made in Italy.

Paolo Castelli S.p.A. has long been open to the cinema world and to famous international productions, such as, for example, “Burnt Orange Heresy”, the movie by Giuseppe Capotondi that will close the 76th Venice International Film Festival. The film, based on the namesake novel by Charles Willeford, was shot last summer at 17th century Villa Pizzo on Lake Como. Its protagonists are the famous singer Mick Jagger, the multi-awarded British actor Donald Sutherland and, obviously, Paolo Castelli furnishings.

The display includes tables, sofas, bookcases, cabinets and chandeliers, all strictly made in Italy, coming from the corporate archive, from prestigious sets, events, museums and buildings, like the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Venice Film Festival, the Roman movie studios at Cinecittà, and the Milanese ones at Endemol Italia, the Palazzo della Farnesina building and the Triennale Art Museum in Milan. 

Moreover, one section will be entirely centred on prototypes, an essential transition phase in the production of any collection. In this regard, Paolo Castelli, CEO of the namesake company, says:

“All the poet needs is paper and pen to express himself. The designer, instead, has to make use of the artisan’s expert hands to transform the idea into reality. In fact, we are aware that the quality of master artisans, who have worked with us for many years, is one of the basic values of our growth. As a result of their work, today we can proudly say that we own a treasure. Its value cannot be calculated in gold doubloons but, rather, shines with the same glow of dreams that become reality: genuine “solid” poems born to enhance our homes with a precious touch.We are pleased to present “Casa Castelli”. We chose the term house, instead of factory, because we have created and jealously cherish with dedication works that the people who conceived, made and loved them consider parts of their own heart, just as a child is to the mother.Our heart is full today, and we felt it right to share this. Over one hundred designer items never exposed to the public eye before, errors and scenes that remains when lights are switched off on the set. Proud of our story, we are opening the doors of the corporate headquarters to tell the public to what extent “never seen” furnishings and objects have offered us unexpected opportunities for innovation and growth. We look forward to your visit.”


27-28-29 September 2019 | Opening hours: 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

Paolo Castelli S.p.A. Headquarters | Via I Maggio, 93 – Ozzano dell’Emilia

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