ADV 2023 campaign

10 October 2023

ADV Campaign 2023

Drawing elegance, sketching an idea. Paolo Castelli's decorative art meets Natalia Resmini's universe of watercolours and pastel shades for the company's 2023 advertising campaign.

Paolo Castelli S.p.A. presents the 2023 ADV campaign realised in collaboration with artist Natalia Resmini.

In this encounter between two different artistic languages, that of design and illustration, united by the profound desire to give form to visions of beauty, the communication turns out to be subtle and exclusive, particularly appreciated by professionals in the architectural sector. The choice to use watercolour is an invitation to embark on a journey within the brand’s philosophy, where the ‘savoir-faire’ of yesteryear finds its highest expression in the creation of objects with a strongly distinctive and evocative image. The magic that transpires from each brushstroke enhances the lines of the furniture, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Delicate colours with intense tones, blurred, almost transparent settings allow the furniture to generate delicate ambiences capable of arousing deep emotions. The use of illustration is the brainchild of Paolo Castelli who, on the one hand, strongly wished to differentiate himself from the languages commonly used in the furnishing sector and, on the other, was looking for an aesthetic linked to the company’s DNA.

We invite you to watch the video of the complete interview to reveal the most fascinating details of the ADV 2023 campaign and to discover the deep connection between art and design that led to the creation of these extraordinary works.



Interview Paolo Castelli & Natalia Resmini