Haibu: 3D-Printed Ceramic Supension Lamps

14 June 2024

Haibu: 3D-Printed Ceramic Supension Lamps

Haibu: A Hive of Light

A family of lamps created to design landscapes of light in public and private outdoor spaces. Based on principles of production and respect for the natural environment, the Haibu pendant lamps, entirely made of ceramic, create atmospheres of well-being and relaxation, infused with the perfect touch of privacy and intimacy.

Photo Credits: Miro Zagnoli


With a silhouette that interprets the relationship between object, space, and nature, freely inspired by the shape of a beehive, Haibu enhances shared environments and gatherings through dynamic scenographic effects, creating experiences tailored to human scale.

Cutting-edge technology and natural materials are the key elements that define this ambitious project, developed in collaboration with WASP, an Italian company specialized in the design and production of 3D printing.



An innovative project starring light, 3D printing, and the natural versatility of stoneware.

For the first time used in the luxury furnishing sector in this capacity, stoneware is molded through an innovative 3D printing process, transforming into outdoor lamps that emanate warm and reassuring light. During printing and drying, the material naturally folds upon itself, creating a pattern of fissures that gently reveal beams of light. The refined design seamlessly integrates with the intrinsic properties of the material, forming a durable lighting system that draws inspiration from and respects nature. Available in two versions—one elongated and tapered, the other lower and broader—it can be used individually or in series to create multiple points of light and enhance the environment.

Photo Credits: WASP