Imperfect Coffee Table

Imperfect Coffee Table

SIDE – Coffee table made of three different materials. Transparent glass top col. Havana, one leg in Rosa Egeo marble and the other in polished gold.

GLASS – Coffee table made by transparent glass col. Avana.

MARBLE – Marble coffee table with wooden frame covered with marble slabs Rosa Egeo marble. Hidden base made of dark stained veneered wood.

METAL – Coffee table made of 3 metal plates, interlocked, in polished gold.



Side: W 46 x D 75 x H 51 cm

Glass: W 96 x D 95 x H 27 cm

Marble: W 107 x D 64 x H 25 cm

Metal shine gold: W 46 x D 75 x H 30 cm

Imperfect Coffee Table