In the name of the most noble luxury

In the name of the most noble luxury

Paolo Castelli, Hubert de Malherbe Thierry Lemaire present in world preview GREENKISS: the first eco-design collection 100% Made in Italy.

Eco-responsible products, which not only express the importance of the functional and aesthetic aspect of the furnishings, but also underline the value and charm, which show how an ethical design must become the engine of a renewed positive and empathetic sense towards the environment “resource”.

The collection comprises tables, armchairs, seats and light fittings, and reflects the finest Italian and French design of the Fifties and Seventies: clean, elegant and balanced. An ethical collection resulting from the creative talents of designers Hubert de Malherbe and Thierry Lemaire, combined with the savoir-faire of Paolo Castelli.

GREEN KISS is an opportunity to develop courageous techniques for the transformation of new ecological materials: attention to detail and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance and design, balancing tradition and innovation of materials. A journey through the creation of furniture and accessories of excellent workmanship which in every phase, from the concept to the creation of the prototype and final element, enhances the values of Made in Italy in a strongly green perspective.

The quality of the materials, which are all either regenerated, recouped or ethically produced under strictly controlled conditions (fast-growing and second quality wood, recycled glass, stone, fabrics and concrete, natural fibres, sustainable ceramics), is enhanced by geometric styling, graphic details and asymmetrical proportions, according to an ironic, creative, tit for tat  between art and interior design.


Because the furniture sector, unlike others, is still rather backward from an environmental point of view.


Many ecologists tend to be alarmists. This is why they have chosen a name that is positive and free of pointless complications, inviting all of us to take action.

What are the limits of elegance when using surprising new materials, moulded into the purest forms?

We leave it up to you to judge.

In the name of the most noble luxury