La Samaritaine, Paris

This iconic French building is set in the Parisian cityscape, anchored in the heart of the city in a rapidly changing neighborhood, Samaritaine has one foot in its Art Nouveau and Art Deco past and the other in modernity. The interiors of the mall were designed by the Parisian interior design studio Malherbe Paris and realised by Paolo Castelli, who collaborated at every stage with the French architects.

The beauty area was fitted out by the contractor Paolo Castelli Spa, who engineered, supplied and installed the bespoke furniture designed by Malherbe Paris. The furniture is made by Italian artisans, with attention to every detail and a wide range of finishes. With this project, the company confirms its special link with the city of Paris, where it has its showroom in boulevard Saint-Germain.

Hubert de Malherbe designed a city stroll inspired by Paris and the building’s Art Nouveau past, like the parquet, personalized mosaics on the floor, gilded brass structures reminiscent of floral green – houses as well as nods to the Eiffel structure. Just like the mix-and-match mentality that drives fashion, it is just as easy to fall for a precious jewel as it is costume jewelry.