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FICO Eataly World, Bologna

The largest Agri-food park in the world

FICO (acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina) over eight hectares of covered area and 9 thousand square meters of food shops, 40 “factories” representing companies and consortia, markets, 45 restaurants and kiosks, exhibition areas, six classrooms education, children’s agri-boutique and a convention center.

Paolo Castelli SpA among others took part of execution of 6 multimedia rides located along the route (Man and Fire, Man and Animals, Man and the Earth, Man and the Sea, Man: from the earth to the bottle, Man and the future). Areas where the most advanced technology is at the service of the park’s educational function, extending its real and educational experience to the new digital world, forming a spectacular experience for visitors.
In addition, some of the most interesting points of sale, of entire itinerary, such as the Salumificio Medeo & Savigni, dedicated to the black salami of Calabria and Tuscany. The starred Rimini restaurant “Il mare di Guido”, which FICO has decided to bring its fish specialties in an atmosphere that recalls the marine environment of the Riviera, with wooden gazebo, sails and “romagnola” sand basins, which mark the perimeter of the hall.

In addition, Paolo Castelli SPA was entrusted to materialize three factory-shops dedicated to Italian excellences: SfogliAmo for fresh pasta, Calzolari oven, William Di Carlo for the confetti of Sulmona, Amarelli / Fallani for liquorice and sweets, in addition to a small exhibition space inspired by the Rossano Calabro liquorice museum. Another interesting project is the realization of the On a surface of about 600 square meters, spreaded over several levels with a central element that recalls the stylized structure of a large tree of culture.

Also, the areas of the Foundation, the Central Arena and the conference rooms have been entirely curated by Paolo Castelli SpA, who has embraced with professionalism and ability the most important national project dedicated to the Italian food culture.