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Pan Pacific Hotel – Bishopsgate, London

Living at One Bishopsgate Plaza is about far more than having a home. It is about gaining access to a world of privilege provided by the Pan Pacific Hotel


Europe’s first Pan Pacific Hotel with interiors conceived by world renowned has set a new standard of quality for the successful hotel group and has created a new destination in the City. The interiors were designed by Yabu Pushelberg, the international design studio with offices in Toronto and New York. The entire project was realised and controlled up to the final stages of set-up and installation by the Italian company Paolo Castelli.

The hotel offers a grand ballroom, five levels of amenities for residents to enjoy and a range of rooms and suites designed with complete relaxation in mind. And above all, the warm welcome from a resourceful team that really sets the Pan Pacific Hotel’s apart.

The City at your feet

London’s squares are world famous and Bishopsgate Plaza is a new addition to an illustrious list. It plays a vital role for residents at One Bishopsgate Plaza too, providing breathing space to ease the transition between home and the busy streets beyond.

Alongside the plaza runs Devonshire Row, a glimpse into London’s history with a café and concept retail behind listed façades that provide an elegant counterpoint to the glass and steel towers that surround them. The rooftop restaurant that overlooks the plaza is set to become a key new dining spot for the City.

Ph: Courtesy of Studio Open Project