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Porta Nuova Residence, Milan

PAOLO CASTELLI SpA took part in the fit out of apartments for the Porta Nuova Residences, buildings of great architectural and constructive prestige, providing custom-made products designed and manufactured to offer even the best in quality and taste made in Italy.

The intervention involved 20 apartments located in 3 of the buildings (10-11 and 12) of the prestigious residential complex,renewed in the Milanese building landscape of recent years. Paolo Castelli company manufactured and installed different types of furniture, including walk-in closets, custom cabinets with paneling for entry areas, wood paneling and storage units, finishing all the rooms in the house, from the living room to the living room up to the bedroom from bed.

The dominant theme is natural oak, predominant finish in its water-based or lacquered version. In addition to the wardrobes, furniture was also made for service areas such as the laundry and the bathroom. The curtains, realized and installed in building 1 complete the intervention.