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Mondo Milan Museum, Milan

The project concerns the creation of the new Museum dedicated to the historic AC Milan football club on the ground floor of the building housing the club’s entire headquarters.

The project, marked by a strong emotional connotation, has been produced by the Studio Fabio Novembre of Milan, which handled the concept of the furnishing and internal layout, while all the furnishings were made by PAOLO CASTELLI S.p.A., which was also responsible for the research into innovative solutions offering a high aesthetic and technical performance.The museum layout is divided into a series of rooms identifying the most important moments in the history of the club, from 1899, the year it was founded, to the present day.

The specific nature of the project is linked to the presence of the ‘totemic’ celebratory objects made on a large scale by PAOLO CASTELLI, in collaboration with artists and craftsmen of an international calibre, produced what is effectively a sculpture in wire depicting a helicopter on a scale of 1:1, symbolising the start of the Berlusconi era at the head of the club. To make the work, which is 3.5 metres long, 2.85 metres broad and 3.8 metres high.

The TROPHIES ROOM is of particular splendour: this is a shaped space representing the interior of a cup and is entirely decorated with a gold leaf finish applied entirely by hand, and constituting the gigantic reproduction of the Champions League Cup and the 42 trophies won by the club over the seasons.Thanks to the support and advanced technology of led monitors and touch screens, the museum is not only celebratory but also highly interactive: a dynamic, lively space, realised thanks to the partnership with the Media Pro group and collaborations with major names of the calibre of Google.

The materials used in the various rooms – each of which with colours and finishes created ad hoc for the client – include painted and laminated wood, etched glass, gilding, backlit floors with prints.