FAAC Headquarter, Bologna

Close to the city of Bologna is the FAAC headquarters -leading company in the production of windows and automatic gates. The building has been subject of an important refurbishment that has given new energy to offices and workplaces. The project was conceived by the Open Project engineering studio, which, respecting the existing structure, created a more open and luminous space, in which the interior spaces interact with the attached courtyards and the surrounding context.

Paolo Castelli S.p.A. has been involved in the construction of flooring, plant engineering, lighting, supply of serial and custom furniture, glass partitions and equipped workstations. The space is presented as an industrial context, with large ceilings and generous volumes, with a neutral floor on which the colors of the furnishings and high white walls stand out. The ceilings, also white, are home to electrical and mechanical systems painted in the dominant colors black and white.

The large hall is developed with a series of reception areas, small sitting areas with modern and minimalist design seats, lamps and colored tables. Each living room is characterized by a different color and type of seat, so as to identify the different conversation areas. In the center, a large corten planter houses a living tree, around which other seats are placed to welcome visitors or employees.

Entering the building you enter the real office area: a series of boxes made with glazed partitions and opaque black metal fixtures, which house open spaces of 4-8 equipped positions. Inside the boxes changes the flooring, which becomes an industrial parquet in oak, with desks and walls of white color. The acoustic comfort is guaranteed by sound absorbing ceiling panels. The meeting rooms, also circumscribed in box by the glass walls, have sound-absorbing PVC flooring and large white laminate tables.