Acquerello Collection

A photograph to me is always a reminder of how the person was on a certain day in that certain light fixed. When i look at a watercolour that same person, it seems to me alive, more open that a photograph.

Francesco Clemente A symphony of delicate balances between proportions, fantasy and research. An harmony of materials, finishes and precious essences that spontaneously finds its place in spaces pervaded by a naturalistic intimism, in atmospheres suspended between reality and dreams. Acquerello is the new 2024 collection by Paolo Castelli, an ode to the whispered dialogue between form and colour and to pure freedom of expression. Indoor, outdoor furniture and lighting systems designed and conceived to trace an idea of beauty, in a tale made of signs and objects, symbols and simple rituals. Original and sophisticated, the handcrafted soul of the furniture undermines a modernist language, aimed almost exclusively at functionality, by virtue of an emotional and decorative aesthetic that invites the mind to travel, free to sense an elsewhere.