Alla Sera Collection

Forse perché della fatal quïete Tu sei l’immago, a me sí cara vieni, O Sera!”  Alla Sera, Ugo Foscolo Evening comes within the walls of the home in its still silence, permeating every room with stillness and serenity. The doors close, the lights dim, the furniture reveals its profile in the half-light: everything is designed to slow the pace and regain a sense of one's own time. Paolo Castelli's new 2023 collection 'Alla Sera' (In the evening) originated from the desire to harmonise distinct sensations, giving life to a romantic landscape that evokes the atmosphere created by a sunset. An evocative scenario inhabited by indoor and outdoor proposals and high-tech lighting systems with a handcrafted soul that testify to Paolo Castelli's ability to offer an extensive catalogue of furniture for the living and sleeping area. Lights and shadows meet in a symphony of chiaroscuro enhancing colours and materiality: a dreamlike stage where the new proposals tell little stories of timeless elegance.