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Sari Lounge

Sari Lounge

Sari Lounge, aesthetic appeal and ergonomics come together in a seat with a bold silhouette in every detail.

Composed of a metal inner structure, Sari is distinguished by its polyurethane foam upholstery, which envelops the seat, back and legs and determines the distinctive feature of the furniture. Just as the sari envelops the female body, enhancing its sinuous lines, so the solid walnut-stained ash-turned wood arch, which seems to support both chair and lounge chair, celebrates dynamism by creating a curvilinear movement.

Sari reinvents the concept of comfort with its eclectic design and the cosy, soft appearance of its components.


Structure: iron, wood

Upholstery: indoor fabrics


Structure: walnut stained ash

Upholstery: Fabrics cat. Superior, Deluxe, Eco-Friendly

leather TOP, Bovine leather, Nubuck

Dimensions: L. 79X77; H. 75/42 cm

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Sari Lounge

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