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Kenya Table

Kenya Table

Kenya Table, wood grains meet marble veins, drawing new paths. Kenya Table, an irregular texture is outlined on the surfaces, evoking natural, unspoilt landscapes. Kenya is a furniture family with a strong architectural character, a complete proposal for the living and dining area consisting of table, console and coffee table. The subtracted volumes that characterise the structure of each element combine with the rectangular table top, giving the collection an unusual appearance that pays homage to asymmetry. The material encounter between the wooden legs and the marble top characterises each element, animating the minimal profile with sophisticated details.


Base: wood

Top: quartzite, wood


Base: walnut-painted ash, bleached ash, dark painted ash

Top: quartzite, marbles, natural stones, wood



  • L. 310×155; H.75 cm
  • L. 240×155; H.75 cm

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Kenya Table