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Garage Italia Custom, Milano

With the opening of the new headquarters in Piazzale Accursio, Milan, Garage Italia wishes to push itself forwards by offering a creative platform to develop projects, products and unique experiences to be personalised according to Brands, Companies and private clients. The architectural shape was determined by the triangular lot shaped by the intersection of two roads.

The most suggestive perspective is from viale Certosa when driving north. The two large horizontal canopies turn the vertex of the triangle into a curve, so projecting the Garage forwards into a daring leap. Commissioned to Architect Mario Bacciocchi by Enrico Mattei in 1952, the Agip petrol station was completed in 1953. It immediately became an automotive temple. The whole project of the new Garage Italia headquarters was thought up to evoke the atmosphere of the original garage and projects it straight to the modernity of the XXI century, giving great attention to sustainability.

The contamination of styles and languages, overcoming the barriers between the world of fashion, design and art are at the base of the work of Paolo Castelli S.p.A., which thanks to Lapo Elkann creativity, has redesigned the concept of “tailor-made”.

The industrial style furniture is enriched by refined details from the world of cars, boats and planes; the stair steps for instance are the result of tyre casting.

Just after the main entrance, which recalls the original glass window of the 50s, a huge cloud made up of over 1.100 model cars suspended above the lively bar area invites the visitor towards the soul of Garage Italia Custom: the hotbed of tailor-made customisation projects.
The core of the activities of the Garage Italia creative hub is inside the Materioteca. This is an inspirational place where ideas become realities and where it is possible to touch each material that will be used for the realisation of a customised dream.



Garage Italia Custom