Banca Patrimoni Sella, Turin

This project involved the creation of the new and sole headquarters of the Banca Patrimoni Sella, in the existing Palazzo Bricherasio in the heart of Turin, completely restructured toward this end by the architectural studio aMDL.For this project, PAOLO CASTELLI oversaw the realization of an original system of desks and teller counters, with elevated performance in both functional and esthetic terms.The tables for both the general staff and executive offices were realized in laminated wood with edging and core in solid natural oak.

In addition, PAOLO CASTELLI designed and built a reception area, a security station and a large conference table, all in natural oak, a material that harmonizes well with the historic architectural context, characterized by long, narrow hallways and a series of small rooms.The challenge here was to transform these spaces, imbued with history and charm, into a luminous space at once welcoming and prestigious, with excellent performance in terms of workspace comfort. The dialogue between the wall and ceiling frescoes and the new work spaces embody the ideal balance between history and modernity.

Challenges: Design and engineer in a tight timeframe an original system of desks, counters and reception that would be both esthetically pleasing and functional.