Casa delle Imprese, Padua

The Casa delle Imprese (or “enterprise house”) is a collaboration between Banca Intesa and area businesses. Our project set out to renovate all areas destined for gatherings so they are luminous, characterised by signature warm wood tones; with seating areas that in their form and colour predispose people towards each other and social interaction. The combination of symbolism and modern unconventional interiors give the spaces character and harmony as they are freed of the convention and rigidity typical of offices, and that too facilitates exchange among people.

The project called for the complete structural renovation of the eighth floor, requalification of the ground floor foyer, a re-organisation of the meeting rooms on the second and fifth floors, alignment with normative regulations for escape routes from all floors above ground floor, including internal and external passages. The boiserie and soundproofed, suspended, inspectionable oak ceiling are particularly prestigious. There is a spectacular reception and coffee room counter in white corian at the center of the main room.

Challenge: This major renovation called for construction work affecting structure and electrical and mechanical elements. It was carried out a very short, two-month period from July to August, which in Italy means working over a vacation period in which materials supply is drastically problematic. We were able to fully respect technical specifications and delivery deadline, in some cases purchasing materials abroad, while maintain the project budget.