CNA, Rome

The project involved providing the furnishings for the executive and administrative offices, conference rooms and auditorium, as well as the window treatments for the newly built CNA headquarters in Rome.The 9-story building, designed to generate zero emissions, contains meeting rooms, a classroom and a negotiation room, along with executive and administrative offices.The company’s long experience in the office contract sector informs this major furnishing project, conceived to both respect and accentuate the luminous simplicity and functionality of the architecture that characterizes the client’s work and meeting spaces with the aim of revitalizing and consolidating the organization’s image while at the same time optimizing work processes.

All of the furnishings, from storage cabinetry to work stations, are custom designed and built in function of the overall architectural vision, starting with the bold and assertive entrance hall, for which Paolo Castelli SpA furnished a wooden reception desk with lacquer and resin finishes as well as the wall behind it, which serves as both a partition and a storage system.On the presidential floor, another reception area, ample in size and faceted in form, features a custom designed desk that harmonizes with the architectural lines of the space.

The 170-seat auditorium, which is easily divisible into two autonomous halls, features a custom-made dais composed of movable modular units that allow different configurations for different sorts of events.The office and waiting room furniture exalts the white of the walls and cabinetry and the lines of the space by introducing chromatic accents in the form of upholstery and wall coverings.

Challenges: As always, when working in contexts characterized by architecture with a strong personality, the challenge was to come up with solutions that would be consonant in terms of style, precision and function, accentuating the distinctive features of the existing architecture to the right degree while at the same time expressing the style and know-how of the company.